Running to Rebuild Staten Island

January 23, 2013

Dear CareRunners Supporters:

Certainly you have heard about the effects of hurricane Sandy on Staten Island, but did you know how
our CareRunners were affected?
In the days after the storm, our CareRunners were out in the hardest hit neighborhoods; checking on neighbors to be sure they were all safe, and making sure they had the essentials they needed to survive the coming days without heat or power. Many opened homes to family and friends who had no home to return to. When school started back the following week, one of our CareRunners organized bag lunches for a month for over 50 students in four schools who were displaced or unable to provide their own meal. Another spent weekends doing demolition work and helping neighbors sort through years of belongings and keepsakes. Yet another organized a blanket drive to ensure everyone was able to keep warm as temperatures plummeted. Others organized food drives and cooked for those who had no means to cook with. During November, a CareRunners member collected over $6000 in gift cards to Home Depot, Lowes, Target and more, and directly distributed them to families who lost their homes and possessions in the storm surge. During December, Christmas gifts were collected for over 100 children who were displaced in the storm. Not a single Santa request was denied, even after the donations from around the country stopped coming in. One CareRunner set up “adoptions” between individuals, churches, and other groups with families on Staten Island who were in need of long-term assistance, while another coordinated church matching programs. One CareRunner sought out politicians who could help Staten Island voices be heard. Another CareRunner led teams of workers house by house to tear out basements and gut out damaged homes.
Sandy dealt a devastating blow to the Staten Island community. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and many lives were lost. The CareRunners living in the New York City area continuously reached out to serve those in need around them. Sandy may not have destroyed their house, but it has drastically affected their lives. Now, because funds have run out and donations have slowed, our CareRunners are taking their cause back to the streets of America. We have CareRunners participating in the Disney Princess Half-marathon in February, the Hollywood Half-marathon in Los Angeles and the Country Music Marathon in Nashville in April, and more. All of the costs to participate in these events have been covered for our CareRunners so that every dime that is raised will go directly to Staten Island families who are in desperate need of help. If there is any way you can help us on our mission to assist these families, you can donate through the "donate" link below, or send a donation to via Paypal. Thank you for helping our CareRunners and the Staten Island community they are helping to rebuild.

CareRunners Core Team

Ryan, Shane, Jared, Michelle, Nikki, and Steve



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September 12, 2012

Friday, January 21, 2011

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