2014 Virtual Run Series

Each month we will race for a different charity. You can run anywhere, anytime during the month! Registration will never be more than $25! DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE!! If you plan to register more than 1 person from the same address (ex - mom, dad, child, etc) PLEASE EMAIL US AT CARERUNNERS@YAHOO.COM BEFORE REGISTERING! T-shirts may be available for purchase for some of the races. 

January - Snowy Warm Hearts           ***REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN***

Benefits Judi's House - Denver, CO

February - Running with our Hearts / The Love Run

March - Lucky Hearts

April - Bunny Hearts / Redeemed Hearts

May - A Mother’s Heart

June - A Father’s Heart

July - American Hearts

August - Summer Hearts

September - *9/11 - will be a specialized race - not necessarily a "heart" theme

October - Pumpkin Hearts

November - Turkey Trottin Hearts

December - Christmas Hearts

Participate in ALL 12 races and you are eligible for a MEGA PRIZE!